Goshin Kempo Karate is an effective and modern martial-art with old traditions. This sport can be practiced for improving health, as a competition sport, or as self-defense.

Goshin Kempo Karate (護身拳法唐手) is a compound word comprised of Goshin (護身) which means "self-defense", Kempo (拳法) usually translated as "fist method" and Karate (唐手) who can be translated as "Chinese martial-art". By combining techniques from Kempo Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, and Escrima (Philippine stickfighting) with training regiments taken from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and military hand-to-hand combative, a modern and effective, but at the same time traditional martial-art was created.

Our style of Kempo Karate was formalized in the year 1999 in the US by Kirk Simmons (Shodai Soke, 初代宗家) and Robert S. Shook (Kaicho, 会長). Sanchin Budokai is a part of Goshin Kempo Karate Sweden, which is the Swedish branch of the International Goshin Kempo Karate Committee headed by Kaicho Shook.